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Study Finds Vitamin C Helps Weight Loss

Posted Sep 13 2011 6:11am

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vitamin CThese days everybody is looking for the latest thing, e.g. fad diet, pills or whatever else we can find to try and lose weight quickly, but as we are all well aware, it isn’t always that easy and simple. So what we have to do is go back to basics and surprisingly enough.

There are some quite simple things that we can do, one piece of recent research has found that vitamin C could provide the answer for us.

We tend to think that we are eating enough vitamins and minerals. However, what with modern food-processing methods and how far the food has to travel. We may not be getting sufficient nutrients in our food. If you are lacking in vitamin C, this will cause a hormone not to function as it would do in your body normally, when this happens, something called L-carnitine isn’t made. And as a result, this reduces fat-burning hormones within your body.

In this study, one of the scientists Carol Johnston studied people to see what effect a deficiency in vitamin C had on their bodies. They had a diet which was vitamin C free for a month at the end of the test period. She had them use a treadmill, to see how much exercise stamina they had as well as fat-burning capability.

After they had completed this month, they had a month. Of doing the same except this time, they took a vitamin C supplement so that she could compare the results, there was quite a difference between the two tests. Firstly, when the participants had no vitamin C, burnt less fat. So there weight loss wasn’t as much. However, when they switched to taking the supplement. That is where the changes came in, they burned far more fat and as a result lost more weight.

To back up this research, Carol referred to a similar study that was conducted this involved two groups of people, one that took a placebo in their diet. And the other group took a supplement of vitamin C, after six weeks. They looked at their figures, the group which was non-supplemental lost just under one kilogram. The second group had lost two and a half kilograms Carol think’s that, her research shows why.

So if you don’t think that you’re getting enough, vitamin C, and you want to accelerate your weight-loss efforts. Then this may be a way for you to do so. As is often the case sometimes the simplest of things, work the best. If you have feedback about this please leave your thoughts in the relevant section below.

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