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Stubborn weight...

Posted by Marianna S.

I'd like to say that my weight is stubborn to come off, but honestly, I'm stubborn to let go of it. Weird, right? Yeah. I need to FINALLY reach my goal weight. I've been working at this for way too long. I'm your typical yo-yo in regards to my weight. My goal is to be consistent and just lose the rest of this baby fat. In my defense, it IS baby fat -- my mom fed me too much as a kid. :) I love to eat. :)
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I had to comment on the remark that you made : I love to eat. I think part of the problem with the way our society looks at food (especially with women) is that we shouldn't love to eat. And that is just downright ridiculous. We live in a country where food is abundant, tasty and for heaven's sake, we should embrace our love of food instead of being ashamed of it. The trick, of course, is to make sure that part of what we love are things that are healthy. If you are a sugar lover, force yourself to rotate on your sugar intake. One candy bar equals a piece of fruit before you can have a cookie and if you eat that cookie, later you are going to eat a piece of fruit. Etc. Same with crunchy, salty things. Eating a serving of chips equals eating a serving of celery or carrots or broccoli. It's all about balance. There is no reason that we shouldn't love food. It's good! Just make sure you're eating food as much as you're taking in junk. You can do it!
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