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Structure, baby. Itâ??s all about the structure.

Posted Jul 23 2008 10:05am

I have to admit something. I crave structure, but I’m really bad at enforcing it for myself.

I would love nothing more than to have my business to the point where I can get up at 6am and do a little work while eating breakfast, head to the gym at 9am, and then come home, shower, eat lunch, clean up around the house, and sit back down on the computer from say… 1pm til 4pm. Then have the rest of the day to do whatever, wherever, or nothing at all.

That really doesn’t even sound all that structured, but it is. In comparison to what I’m actually doing, that is.

I’ve got a bunch of personal projects (like this site) on the table that many of have been pushed back and neglected. I’ve got 5 client projects running right now. I’m trying to keep myself in the habit of journaling my food, and making sure I’m getting to the gym. That’s kind of part of why i’m doing the fitness reality show with Pat… it forces me to be accountable!

I’m trying to set myself up with a schedule. I remember back when I was in school, I used to love the day I got my schedule and found out when all my extra-curricular stuff was going on, because I would take graph paper and make a time table. I’d use pretty colored markers or colored pencils, I’d block out my hours, including “fun time” with friends… and I’d actually stick to it (well, for a while anyway).

I just don’t want to get so wrapped up in “structure” that I forget to let loose and have fun. But seriously, I don’t think that’ll ever happen with me.;)

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