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Strong Warnings For Diet Books, Diet Aids, and Diet Programs

Posted Nov 13 2010 3:50am 1 Comment

The FDA is considering requiring cigarette companies to post much stronger warnings right on the cigarette pack. One of the changes on the table is a much bigger warming label that would take up as much as half the package. Also, much stronger wording may be required, so people have less opportunity to simply ignore the warnings.

What if such warning were required for diet books and diet aids and diet programs? They might read something like this —

  • Most people can’t stick to a diet, no matter what diet it is
  • Most people who lose weight end up gaining it back
  • Dieting successfully is very, very hard unless you change you personal habits also
  • Losing weight—especially for women—usually brings up emotional/psychological issues that have been unresolved
  • No one diet is perfect for everyone
  • Successful dieting requires a good deal of self-reflection, as well as practice in new ways of thinking and acting
  • Maintaining a weight loss requires the same

And what if these warnings were written very BIG so you had to take note?

What would you do with that information?



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