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Strike 3....

Posted Aug 23 2009 12:00am

Last night we went to an awesome Spanish Restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday. I'd never been to a Spanish restaurant and it seems that I'm always the last one ready to order, so I decided to study the menu. I decided on a Chopped Chicken Salad and Pan de Tomate and was pretty pleased with my decision.
My friend's Hubby had order 2 pitcher's of sangria for everyone to share, my friend asked that I please try it, and so I did
-Strike 1
I also ordered a glass of water with lemon so that I would not solely rely on the sangria.

Now, I completely under stand that sangria has alcohol in it, but I did not realize that it was wine based, me and wine...well we don't get along so well. I guess I'm more of a top shelf kinda gal. Give me a Long Island Ice Tea or Margarita any day.
Anyways back to the sangria, I woke up, not hung over, but had a slight headache behind my eyes that was more annoying then painful.
Well I don't know why but apparently today Jay and PJ felt the need to yell about everything today...well because of the way I was already feeling, the added chaos and hubby leaving this afternoon for his Fantasy Football draft, I decided to try and lay down for a nap (which I like to do on the weekends anyways), and missed my Zumba class today
-Strike 2

We had breakfast around 11am...can I still call it breakfast?
So that left us being full through a regular lunch time. So once I finally got hungry I decided to make myself a grilled turkey & cheese sandwich and ended up making 2. Add a small bag of Doritos and a can of Pepsi to that and you've got
-Strike 3

I know that all three of those strikes came about from decisions I made, and I will just have to work them off and I'm ok with that.

I've never been one to beat my self up and to just try to get better as I go and this weekend is no different.

So with that let me just say: "Every now and then the ground I walk on may be a little uneven or my foot my hit just right and cause me to stumble, but I manage to regain my balance and keep on walking and I'll keep on walking until I reach my destination."

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