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Stress Test

Posted Oct 09 2007 1:42am 2 Comments

I went yesterday for the treadmill test to join the Exercise for Mood Disorders study. It was fun but I'm not quite sure whether I did ok or not. I barely broke a sweat despite a half an hour of strenuous walking both flat and on a steep incline. At my maximum and my blood pressure was 162/78 but I didn't hear my heart rate. :(

In one and a half hours, I'll be on my way to do the same test and another DEXA for three other studies that I have a chance of getting into. The study up here is mainly to get me more active. I'm not getting paid or anything. The study in Bethesda is (fingers crossed) going to get some extra much needed money in my pocket.

Funniest thing so far: I broke out in an annoying rash over the electrodes. I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm allergic to latex but put on a silly brave face about using them over the non-latex alternative.

I was itching inside of twenty minutes of taking them off. I'm still itching now and I washed hours ago. *grumble*

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Although you volunteered to go through a stress test, I know someone near and dear who has to go through one in a few days (it's a little stressful). There are studies to show that exercises increases one mood and people say it all the time, but I don't seem to feel a difference. Well that's not true - I don't feel stressed after a good rock climbing session.
I really hope your friend has a good result from their test. I found that calmly visualising the motions of the test itself helped me keep my stress levels down. Maybe it might work for your friend? Then again, I know some for whom visualization is the least helpful thing to do when faced with stressful situations. :( For the study I'm joining, the Stress Test was actually the least stressful part for me. I thought I was going to be more nervous but...I was pretty much calm. It's actually a relief to have gotten this far with good results because I think it's given me a spot in the research study I did the test for in the first place. Thanks for commenting! :)
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