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Stress of Life

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:38pm
I've had a week from hell. Out of it I lost a whole big 0.4 lbs. I weighed in at TOPS tonight and though I was expecting not to much I guess I had hoped for at least a lb. It is what it is though and checking my measurements I have lost 0.9 lbs of fat so that's a plus.

Ok about my week, had to get our renter out who wanted to break the lease yet wasn't getting her stuff out. Anyway, she went yesterday after I went up the court house and filed papers. At least it's over with and the new process of getting a new renter in there is underway.

Son broke his braces this week too so it was off to the Orthodontist to have those fixed.

Boy's bed still not here that we've been trying to order since 4th of July. I'm hoping something will happen.

Today daughter threw up at school so I had to take half the day off of work. Seems to be one thing after another.

Oh and my mother-in-law is coming to visit next month. She hasn't been to visit in several years so that means a house overhaul.

I sometimes wonder if all women's lives are like mine. Are there men out there that handle all I handle for my family? I know in my family pretty much I just tell hubby where to be and when otherwise he would be lost.

I feel like I need a vacation from my life.

I thankfully haven't turned to haagen daz but typing that now it does sound good lol. Really my reaction to lifes dramas doesn't affect me the same way. I keep trying to think back to years ago when I lost a lot of weight and did I have a year or two like this where things didn't send me to the store for ice cream. I can't really remember. I'm hoping I've just changed now and I don't want it like I use to.

I am thinking a sugar free fudgesicle would be good about now though.

I have a feeling that I'm just writing this all the myself but I guess that's what it's for anyway.

Well I need to get another load of clothes in the washer and think about going to bed at a decent hour. But the night is my time and I hate the idea of wasting it sleeping.
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