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Strength training tips and more snow!

Posted Jan 21 2011 7:10pm

This has been a crazy week.  Thank goodness it is Friday!  Thanks to all of the people who have stopped by from the yahoo/Woman’s Day ! I should thank my blog host as well for handling all that traffic without a single hiccup! I am a wee bit behind in some emails and such due to the influx, so if I haven’t answered by the end of the weekend, please feel free to email again.

Yay – more snow! There were several inches, but I decided to go ahead to the gym. First, I fueled up with a protein drink.

Still dark in the mornings, but spring is coming – I know it is!

Strike a pose for a winter workout everyone!

Not really sure why I took that, but there you go.

I ran for a mile on the treadmill, then did a compact workout:

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Dumbbell Pull Over 3 set of 10 at 25# Back
Stiff-legged dead lift 3 sets of 10 at 75# Lower body
Barbell Bench Press 3 sets of 10 at 55# Chest
Captain’s Chair 3 sets of 10 Core
Calf Raise 3 sets of 10 at 140# Calves
Military Press 3 set of 12 with 12# DBs (24# total) Shoulders
Pliet Squats 3 sets of 10 with 40# DB Lower Body

Mostly compound moves today to move through fast. Then I got on the treadmill and ran for 2 more miles. I was nice and sweaty and ready for some breakfast! I did peanut flour again, only this time I added it directly to the cooking water with the oats and a mashed banana. It smelled so good while cooking!

Topped with some chocolate buzz honey. I am a little surprised at how subtle the peanut flavor is because the smell is so strong. I used 1/2 a serving of peanut flour and a little extra cooking water because the peanut flour absorbed some. With the egg whites whisked in, this bowl of oats packs in 20 grams of protein! 

Speaking of lifting.  Here is a little bit of information on how to compose a strength workout.

First, you need to decide 2 things:  What are your goals and how much time do you want to commit?  Be totally honest with this.

Unless you are going for a competition of some sort, just a good general strength conditioning program is really all you need.  You don’t need to spend hours just lifting weights (unless you really want to).

One thing that I have learned, particularly from the New Rules of Lifting book, is that you can maximize your time in the gym with combination exercises.  This means that you are working multiple groups of muscles at the same time (the squat) versus isolation exercises (biceps curls).  There isn’t anything wrong with isolation exercises, but if you have limited time at the gym (like most of us), you want to get the most out of your time there.

A good standard conditioning program is to  basically perform full body workouts 2 to 3 times a week hitting all the major muscle groups  with a day of rest in between.

Or if you really love lifting, you can do it every day as long as you just work one body part/section each day and rest it in between (do take rest days).  For example, do chest/core and back on Monday, legs on Tuesday, arms and shoulders on Wed.  That way you can ensure that you are properly resting your muscles between workouts.   That kind of routine also works well if you have just a little bit of time each day rather than a block of time.

Also, I like  start with the exercises that use the large muscles groups first and work your way down to the smaller muscles.  For example, when doing legs, start with leg presses or squats, then move to doing quadriceps, hamstrings, and then calves.   That will allow you to have the strength to get the most out of the power moves.  Some people do the reverse, but I would start this way at first.

Next week, I will talk a little more about how to choose exercises.  From a nontrainer point of view, that is :mrgreen:

Phew – all that lifting talk made me hungry!  Lunchtime involved some of that awesome bread I made yesterday.  It is a touch fragile, or maybe my slice was too thin.  I made a BBQ chicken sammie with laughing cow.  Very good.

That pear was not as good as the one I had yesterday.  Striking out on the fruit the last few times.

Work was fairly busy today.  Most of the docs are back from whatever it is that they do in January when not on their boats.  It was a little hard to do when Pixie insisted on laying on my arm.

She is such a lover, though.  It’s hard to push her away without major guilt feelings.

<insert latte here>

I went outside this afternoon.  It actually was sunny and nice once the snow stopped.  Our bobsled run is taking shape:

Remember this?


I know Buddha is under there somewhere.  He is now a buddhacicle.

I did get seeds in the mail today, though.

If I keep thinking spring hard enough, it will come!

This cold made me crave something hot for dinner.  Buffalo shrimp time!  Baked in the toaster oven with lots of hot sauce:

I roasted the brussels while cooking the shrimp, too.  Yum!  I think roasting is my favorite way to prepare veggies.

I have a wee bit of work to do tonight, then I have a date with a couple dark mint cups and some movie watching!

Question:  Do you prefer raw or cooked veggies?

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