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Stop Emotional Eating by Using Your Emotional Intelligence

Posted May 19 2011 5:00am

You got some emotional intelligence? Everyone’s got some. But how much of this emotional intelligence stuff is necessary to prevent emotional eating?

Definition: Emotional eating is a maladaptive coping strategy in which eating takes the place of effective emotional behavior.

Definition: Emotional intelligence, on the other hand, is a way to describe the abilities that people use to effectively cope with conditions that require incorporating and using their emotions in everyday behavior.

What’s the relationship between emotional eating and emotional intelligence ? When one is up, the other is down.

Where do you get some of this emotional intelligence? For some, especially women who emotionally overeat, they can start the get-your-intelligence-over-here ball rolling by facing their feelings (instead of eating up their feelings).

Facing your feelings once, twice, and then over and over again begins the process of fear reduction.  Fear reduction makes it so that you can reach for and develop the emotional intelligence it takes to manage your feelings—sans emotional overeating.


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