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Stop drinking your calories

Posted by tamara h.

People still do not seem to realize how many calories they consume daily just by refreshing their bodies. Did you know that one can of orange soda alone contains 190 calories? Doesn't sound like a lot? Keep in mind that the average American drinks 3 sodas per day, not counting free refills at restaurants. That means you might be consuming as few as 570 calories a day just on drinks! Gross!

There are plenty of beverages out there that keep calories down and satisfaction up. Check out:

Diet Pepsi - I hate diet coke, but for whatever reason, diet pepsi tastes less "artificial" and leaves my pallette happy.

Coke Zero - if you are a diehard Coke fan, then you will love this diet coke upgrade. Tastes exactly like regular coke, but has zero calories. Awesome.

Water - not very creative, but still the best thing for you. Water is the way to go when you are looking to flush toxins out of the body and to cut down majorly on your calorie intake.

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I'm not a big water fan, simply because to me it just tastes blah. So I'm not ashamed to go to a restaurant and ask for three slices of lemon with my water, which makes me want to keep drinking, since it tastes better and reminds me a bit of lemonade without the truly tangy touch.
I am not sure how they manage to do that. I know it says that on teh can, but it just sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch??
I agree water is not that fun to drink, which is why I beleive you just have to make it a habit. I make myself drink my first big glass of water before my first cup of coffee. You've just got to develop little tricks like that to get yourself to drink it.
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