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Stir-fry and a New Flavor

Posted Feb 06 2010 12:00am
Boy, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do! The last couple of weeks have been busier than usual for me, and has left me with little time to blog. I feel weird when I don't blog. How do you feel if you don't blog for a couple of days?

Alright, when I left you Wednesday, I was trying to come up with something healthy for dinner. After perusing the refrigerator for a while, I decided that we had all the ingredients for a stir-fry (bell pepper, carrots, onion, ginger, bok choy, broccoli and Quorn "chicken"). I served it over some organic brown rice... it's hiding somewhere underneath all those beautiful veggies!

The next morning, I tried something different using these...

In a cup, I blended some hemp seeds together with orange juice to make my version of an orange julius. The seeds made the juice thicker and frothier and the sweetness of the oranges cut the "eggy" taste of the seeds. It was delish!

I also got to open a new jar of peanut butter! A big jar like this doesn't last very long in our house...

Hubby picked up a new flavor of Crofter's Superfruit Spread for me to try...

This jar has wild blueberries and cranberries with morello cherries and red grapes. I love morello cherries!

I spread peanut butter and jelly on a sourdough English muffin and then topped them with slices of banana! Best breakfast of the week...

Lunch was eaten in the cafeteria with co-workers. I made a huge salad with mixed greens, romaine, shredded carrots/cabbage, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans and Italian dressing. I also purchased a mixed melon cup.

Dinner was made with leftovers from the night before. We combined the veggies and rice together to make (a healthier) fried rice. We also added one egg to the mix.

Yum, it was so good. I love when leftovers can be used to create a whole new meal!

I didn't take any photos yesterday. Bad blogger, I know. I figured that I'd post Thursday's food and then start fresh today.

Well, I better get going so I can eat something before I leave the house this morning. I have an appointment... on a Saturday! I didn't get to sleep in this morning. :(

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