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Still Searching

Posted Feb 27 2011 7:53pm
Hey everyone, I have just not been all that well as of recently. I want to post more often, but I don't feel like posting depressing crap all the time. OH wellz, here goes
Weight loss isn't going anywhere. My career isn't going anywhere. My love life ain't going anywhere. So yeah, I guess I have no where to go but up.

I binged last night at my cousin's goodbye party. She is going off to peace corp in Africa, so our family got together for dinner. I ate way too much, and ended up having terrible stomach pains as I was going to bed. It was pretty terrible.

I don't know. The mindset to achieve, and to do awesome things and whatever hasn't been there for quite some time now. I need to change my attitude and get out of this rut soon because I can't keep living like this.

Truthfully, I have lost a lot of confidence in myself. I want to believe that I can be successful, but the doubt in the back of my mind has been overwhelming. I hate feeling this way and being all fucking depressing. But you know what, this is how I really feel.

I know deep down that I can push through this rough spot though. I just know it...Figuring out how is the hard part.
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