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Still Not There Yet

Posted Jun 29 2012 12:15pm
Life is crazy.  After three weeks of dealing with intense issues from having mono, I then dealt with intense issues from my dad being in the hospital for a week.  Since then, life has just gotten more stressful.  And with a big trip coming up next week (one which I had hoped to be svelte for, but am not) I am still in stress mode.

But after some searching I have found what I hope will be a strategy for me to get back into exercise.  I've been out of it for basically two months, and have little energy because of the lack of activity and the mono recovery.  And the stress!

I have found, on Pinterest, a simple and doable (for me) home circuit training routine from the blog Blissfully Ever After .  I am going to try out the beginner list for a while and see how that helps.   So many of the home workout lists I have found are just too overwhelming for me right now.  This one requires no equipment (beyond a chair) and more importantly, IT IS A SHORT LIST.  Granted, you need to repeat the circuit.  But I just cannot go hard core right now.  I am exhausted.  

Each exercise is one minute long--either holding for one minute or doing as many reps as possible for one minute.  There is also a moderate and an advanced circuit list on this site, along with pics of most of the exercises.

I also really want to get back into running, er, attempting running.  Couch to 5k will begin today!  And this time, I am going to stay on each week's or day's plan until I am totally comfortable with it and find it easy.  No pressure.  No feeling scared of the coming week.  Right now, the most important thing for me to do is to MOVE!

Well, that and find a way to quit the emotional eating.  I have never had stress like this before and have never found myself so drawn to food as my drug of choice to deal with said stress.  It's almost uncontrollable.  But I know that all the exercise in the world is not going to do a lot of good if I keep downing Butterfingers and Little Debbie Zebra Cakes (can someone erase yesterday from my body please?) like they are going out of style.

Anyhow, I know it's been a long while since I've posted and I know I hardly have any followers.  But I just wanted to put this "out there"...that I'm trying hard to claw my way back to the fitness level I had before (which wasn't all that great, but it's better than what I have now).  And I am not giving up on trying to be healthier.  I have had to really think about my goals, and will probably rework them.  But I really have a desire to feel fit.  And enjoy the fringe benefits that go with that!

And I just can't seem to give up on the running thing.  I am not built for it, but I just WANT to run.  I want to be able to do it.  I can't explain it very well, but I feel driven to keep trying.  

I won't be around much over the next few weeks, but I'm on my way back.  Wish me luck!
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