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Still have a shower and toilet

Posted Aug 28 2009 6:38pm
Well Mike ended up just going to Lowes to get what he would need to cut the floor up and run the new septic pipe last night. I had mixed feelings about it but I know he was just tired and didn't feel up to getting into all that last night when he didn't get home from work till after 6pm. What it will mean though is the concrete guy will have to wait till next weekend to do his work. I'm trying my best to stay out of it though and just let Mike handle it.I did tell him I wanted to run a hose from our washer hot water connection to the camp shower though because I just don't think hauling the 5 gallon bag of water twice a day will work.

Yesterday I just wasn't feeling that well. I haven't talked about it but I'm still having stomach issues. It seems to only be when I wear tighter pants though which seems weird that I can walk/jog or kayak for hours and not have any trouble but a few days of tight pants and I'm having some pain. I just don't get it.

Anyway, I came home yesterday, moved around the furniture in the diningroom, made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. By 8pm I was ready for bed so I just went. I slept till like 4am but woke up in a sweat and then slept for another hour or so from 5:30-6:30. So I got in about 9 good hours of sleep. I'm definitely feeling better today so maybe I just had a little bug or something.

I did well with my goals yesterday. My calories were 1918, water was 108 oz and I got in a ton of sleep. Hopefully tonight I'll get in my walk. I haven't walked since Tuesday. I plan on getting in my walks tonight, tomorrow and Sunday though so that will help make up for it a little bit. Maybe I'll try to do something with the kids over the weekend too. I would love to go hiking somewhere but not sure where there is to go around here. Maybe I'll look something up online today.

Today I'm doing ok with the food and getting in the water. I'm thankfully not having any anxiety today but I have a feeling that will come later tonight when Mike and Kevin are ripping out the tub and toilet lol. I think I'm going to leave myself enough calories for a nice stiff drink. Maybe that will make me more relaxed or at least tired enough to go to bed early and not think about any of it.

Till tomorrow...
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