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Step One..achieving BALANCE in .....Diet/meal plan. What I have chosen to do

Posted Sep 03 2009 6:45pm
Hey fellow blog readers.

So before I tell you what I have decided to do with my diet and meal plan hoping this will help me to achieve balance in regards to that particular category, I would like to talk and touch on this subject a little bit.

First off..there are many theories on how/what we should be eating. Some say concentrate on high protein/high fat. Others may say concentrate on low fat/high carb, others say no fat at all...and there are so many more. We really are always being bombarded with many different theories. And usually what one person says, the others might dissagree with. So you never really win.

But the truth is, if looking at this in the long run, if your anything like myself you probably want to find something that would make you happy, something you can live with, something that will not control your life but rather something you can incorporate into your everyday life...the have to be able to find a particular diet that best suits yourself. Remember that no diet is easy, but, also remember that it all comes down to choice. And what you want and whats important to you.

I think any diet really can work. Usually in general the diet fails because of lack of mental strength and not being able to stick with it, not so much the actual diet itself. No matter which one that would be. Now, I am not saying that they are all good for you, because some I am sure are not.

But when looking at the picture as a whole, I dont know about yourselves, but unless you want to be some kind of bodybuilder or you are some professional athlete of some sort or a person trying to get to a short term goal fast...I really believe now, that its important to be able to live, and to enjoy all different sorts of foods, without feeling deprived.

Now please understand that I am not talking about those people so much that are out for a certain "particular reason" to lose body fat or inches, (something like I did for those 12 months on that transformation project)but rather those like myself now, where i find myself today. Moms who work full time, have children, living busy lives who just want to find balance. Those who want to be on the whole eating healthier, making changes, but who want to be able to be given the choice once a week or every two to go out for let's say a girls night out and cheat and not beat ourselves up over it either.

It was such an exciting time for me tackling what I did. Yes I have personally had the time to have fun with it, and live life as a lets say "smaller" person. But sadly I find that I have already gained some back.

So I was just trying to figure out a reasonable diet plan, not hard to understand, one that wont break the bank, one that chances are you have the foods already in your house (cause it lists them all lol) something to help shed some of that extra weight I put on while being able to eat a "wide" range of foods.

I want to have choices, and most importantly want to feel great in the process, not feeling deprived. Something more balanced. Something in the middle.

So, on that note...I have decided to follow Weight Watchers. Why you may ask? Well let me explain myself.

Although everything i just mentioned above goes with weight watchers, I know in the past I had a friend who commented on a post I wrote about weight watchers when I was giving you guys all the info about that diet..points for foods..and she was somewhat surprised that after what I had been through during that year,that I would even talk about a diet like that. Perhaps she wasnt the only one that felt this way. Perhaps at the time she thought I should have been even careful on posting stuff like that because of the book I wrote.

But to be honest, I am not a nutritionist as you all know, nor am I a trainer....I am just a average women 35 years old like many of you. A woman who wrote a book, an honest book, and who will continue being honest while trying to find honest answers for herself while sharing her experiences in the meantime. And any information I do find out or happen to stumble upon, as a woman you can bet I will share it, if I feel that the information can perhaps help someone else in some way.

That transformation was a whole different situation for me at that particular time. I was aiming at a goal in achieving a huge amount of weight loss (150lbs), and in just a short period of 52 weeks. lol I never said I wanted to be some fitness guru. (although I did think about it, but I dont even think I could personally even handle the pressure)LOL

My whole purpose of that project was really to show people, what you want, you can have. And that its all in our hands. I wanted to show people that really there are no excuses. If you want to lose weight you can. Its tough but you can. So I took my personal life, opened it up to everyone as a PRIME example...and changed month after month. In the end, I completed the project and walked away feeling like the job I was meant to do, I did. Giving other women hope, and inspiration in the process.

But by doing that project, the only downfall about it and about going public with it was that people looked at me in the end like I was never in my life suppose to gain again. God forbid that would happen. That I would always be this strong physical woman that would always be able to keep this perfect picture lifestlye every single day for the rest of my life. Um....Reality check friends. I am only human. And even though I may have been trained by someone like the trainer I had at the time, it will always be a constant battle for the rest of my life. Its like an alcholic, or someone with an eating disorder. And sadly I am sure at times like now, I will fall. Like most others i am sure I will be up, and then down. back up and back down. And I have accepted that.

During that time period(transformation), people should understand that I had to follow certain prepared diets throughout, sometimes using the same one for months. So, this would mean that I would be on the same diet for perhaps 3 months or more depending on what stage we were at. I know its extreme, but we were tackling something extreme as well:)

And so everyday I would eat the same foods, same amounts of foods, even at the same times. Although we did hit all food groups, there was no cheating allowed or very rarely, and I never really incorporated "other" foods or changed things up. Everything was measured precisely on my end..there was never less or extra I would have, only what was stated. But we were trying our best to get to a goal, and to get there during a certain time period. There was no time to really fool around.

How did I do that or how did I even handle that? Well, I really believe anyone can do that, if you are in the right mind frame(I mean if I could do that starting at 275 lbs, anyone can ....seriously).

True that perhaps not everyone can handle that sort of strict eating. However yes surprisingly I did. And honestly, I am not sure how. I suppose I was ready at the time. I think it helped too that at the time I was being coached by someone who I highly looked up to and whom I saw as a really strong individual, and just by knowing and working with that person it just helped inspire me to be the best I could be too, and holding on to the idea always of why I went into doing this project to begin inspire others that it can be done, and as women how strong we can be. I had to show women that and prove it to them. And what better way to prove that to myself and others then to do it myself!:-) There is no better proof then that right!

But what I did for those 12 months is not a life that I could continue on doing long term. So I began to gain it again. As soon as I started eating shitty foods, it started creeping back on. But now my plan is a little different.

I chose weight watchers because you can basically eat anything you want. I think I have the smarts to know now what I should be eating more of, and the better choices I should make concerning foods, but this was the only diet I knew of, that you could change yourself every day. One that would allow you to go out once in a while and have cheat night without feeling guilty. One that included all food groups and so on.

So I thought weight watchers would be the perfect choice as in following a "balanced" eating plan. I had some old books that I pulled out that I kept when I had joined it in the past, and I am really going to give it a good shot at sticking to it myself. I will keep you posted on how things go with that as we go on.

Next post...finding balance in regards to exercise
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