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Step on That Scale

Posted by Kevin Y.

Instead of convincing yourself you need to lose weight in the double digits, instead find ways of rewarding yourself with simple, small increments of weight loss. Avoiding the scale will lessen the chance you will notice weight loss and decrease your motivation. Shooting for a more realistic lifestyle friendly goal of 1 or a few pounds a week works to your advantage in many ways. This kind of healthy moderate weight loss will yield astonishing results as the months go by and slowly and positively alternate your lifestyle to a healthier one. By seeing, regularly, the pounds slough off; motivation will be kept high, as you're constantly baring witness to positive results.
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I think this is such a great tip because it's so easy for people to feel like they have failed when they don't lose 20 pounds. Keeping the numbers small keeps the goal realistic. Sometimes it's hard to see the results yourself in small numbers, so meet up with friends that have not seen you in awhile - its easy for them to see you have lost weight and provide you a nice compliment.
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