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Step Away FromThe Chip Bowl: How To Curb Binge Eating

Posted Mar 12 2010 5:34pm

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Binge eating is a pretty big way to sabotage your fat loss results and to be honest it’s something that I’ve been known to do from time to time. It ain’t pretty but it happens. So if it can happen to me every now and then, I know that it can quiet easily be happening to you too.

You know the scene and how easy it is to get sucked in. You’re at a party and there is plenty of chips, deep fried food, crackers and dip and other goodies about and they all taste so good! And once you start you can’t stop. That’s because of all the nasty little stuff they put in their that switch off your fullness receptors in your brain.

This can even happen if you’re eating good foods. Especially if you haven’t eaten for a while. It’s always easy to keep on eating and eating and to be honest – most people probably do it daily.

So your first plan of attack and one that I need to work on before I go out at times is to make sure you eat something nutritious before you go out. That way I’m not hungry when I get to the party and I don’t need to destroy the chip bowl.

Step Away From The Chip Bowl: So Tempting But Oh So Bad

Step Away From The Chip Bowl: So Tempting But Oh So Bad

To stop you over-eating good food space out your meals so you’re eating every 2.5-3 hours.

This does two things. First of all, you won’t need to eat as much at each meal because your next meal is not too far away compared to when you just eat breakfast and lunch that’s 5-6 hours apart and secondly, it keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

My second tip is to have a glass of water before and after you eat. It helps fill up your stomach. It sounds silly but it works!

The final tip I have for you is to wait at least 15 minutes after finishing eating before going back for seconds. That way your brain will have time to get the message from the stomach that it’s full – something that doesn’t happen when you’re shovelling food down without a thought. It’s only afterwards that you end up with that big fat bloated stomach and the feeling that if you even move an inch you’ll pop.

Give these healthy eating tips a try and let me know how you go next time you’re caught in that situation!

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