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Staying focused and positive

Posted by lorengaines

My biggest source of weight gain happened when my husband and I decided to have a baby. I wasn't even sure if I could get pregnant at my age. I was already 25 pounds overweight because an injury from a past marathon kept me from exercising. I couldn't run anymore, so the weight began to pile on. I gained a total of 75 pounds during my pregnancy, and by the time my son was born I was at 240 pounds. I had never been so heavy in my life, and I knew I did not want to keep any of the baby weight.

Staying focused and positive, waking up every day and saying, “I can do it!” — and believing it!

Staying hydrated! I have been very successful by making my beverage of choice water, cutting out alcohol, and reducing the amount of coffee I drink to one cup in the morning and one at night.

Keeping count! It’s important to count your calories and keep track of what you’re eating. Invest in a heart rate monitor for when you work out and you’ll be able to monitor how many calories you’re burning.

Make a selection of songs and use to keep you going when you work out on gym or having exercise.


Losing the weight and getting into shape allowed me to become a personal trainer and help others achieve their goals just as I have achieved mine. I also tried this program here'm really glad it’s a big help I have more energy and stamina to keep up with my one-year-old son.


Never, never give up on yourself and never settle for less than the very best you can be. Why? Because you are worth it. Being fit and healthy is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones. Also, stop comparing yourself to the women on the covers of fashion magazines. Just do the best with the body God gave you and be proud of who you are.


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