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Starting a Diet and Sticking to It Have All To Do With Your Emotional State of Mind

Posted Nov 16 2010 6:15am

Going on a diet is an iffy thing. Sometimes you can do it, sometimes you can’t.

Why is this so? Why, when you are the very same person, can you succeed at times with sticking to it, and fail at other times?

Do you really want to know? You can do some research and find out a lot. Take the last time you tried to diet and couldn’t do it. Figure out what was going on in your life at the time, both externally—meaning tangible events that took place in your life—and internally, meaning your emotional reaction to these events. Also, consider whether or not your emotions, moods, attitudes, and behavior actually helped to bring about those external events.

Things don’t happen by magic, for no reason at all. You have an internal life as well as an obvious, external life. Both are always at work, influencing what you do. Sometimes it helps to take a good look.



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