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Starting a Diet After the New Year? Is it too Early to Work on Your New Years Resolution?

Posted Dec 10 2010 6:10am

Are you thinking of making a New Years resolution? It feels right, doesn’t it—to make a promise to yourself to change something in your life, and to do it on the first day of a brand new year. It seems natural.

So, what are we saying when we make such a promise to ourselves? What does it mean? Well, for one thing, it means we want to make a new start, wipe out some old behavior and substitute a new, better one. It feels fresh, it feels hopeful, it fills you with anticipation, and makes you feel like there are good things to come.

We can indeed make such changes, new starts, we can adopt new ways of being and acting, we can break old habits, and we can develop better ones. We can change our lives for the better.

But—it’s not magic, and it doesn’t simply happen on the day after New Years day, just by willing it. It takes work, dedication, understanding, practice, and time. And that’s where so many people go wrong—they don’t give their new idea for themselves the time, energy, thoughtfulness, and importance it deserves.

I’m going to go on a diet and lose 25 pounds, starting on January 2nd.

Boy, does that sound good. The thing is—how will you suddenly be able to do it? Is it willpower that can get you to stick to this resolution? What exactly is willpower? Do you usually run out of it, whatever it is? Do you have any idea why you can’t stick to a diet—any idea at all? Do you know how and why you gained weight in the first place? Do you know much about your relationship to food? Do you know how you really feel about yourself?

Instead of pushing yourself blindly into that New Years resolution, take some time to think about these kinds of questions. Considering things like these will help you stick to your resolution. It won’t just happen. You need to make it happen, and it can be done—whether you do it on January 2nd, or February 4th, or May 22nd. The power to do it lies within you, not with the first day of the year.



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