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St. Anthony’s Race Report… The Race

Posted May 06 2011 4:00pm
So, after a good non-existent night’s sleep, it was time to wake up at the unGodly hour of 3:45. We had to be in the lobby of the hotel before 5:00 am to make the three-quarter of a mile walk down to the race area. And we had to double check our bags and eat something. The first thing I did  when I got up was check the weather. 10-12 mile an hour winds. 72 degrees. There was hope. Then I looked out the window. I don’t know who gave the weathermen their information, but 10 to  12 mph winds? Hah! The trees were whipping. They at least got the winds blowing from the east part right. As we passed Tampa Bay by the pier where we would be swimming in a couple of hours, pure dread crept in. Not only were we looking at the lovely 3-, 4-foot swells again, this time they were blowing right into the pier, fueled by what had to be 25-, 30-mph winds. At least on Saturday, the winds were blowing toward the shore. Deep breaths. I had decided Saturday afternoon that whatever the race course dealt me, I’d deal with it and get [...]
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