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Squish goes the water bottle and a new friend.

Posted Aug 17 2010 3:47pm

I woke up this morning ready for a run at the track!  I set my water bottle at the edge of the track, put on my tunes and headed around.  I was feeling great, I have to say.  I decided to go 4 miles today.

I had just finished up 3 miles and was going to stop for a drink because I was thirsty, but then a song came on that I wanted to run with and not break stride.  I am sure you know what I mean.

As I rounded a lap, I see a maintenance truck pulling into the track.  I kind of laughed and thought – “look out water bottle.”  Well, wouldn’t you know he drove right over it and stopped *on* it.  I was coming around the bend and he hops out the truck.  I’m all “You just ran over my water bottle!!”  He looked at me really funny.  I think I scared him (you know, sweaty yelling lady running towards him and all that).  I went over and my bottle was wedged under the tire.  I pulled and pulled and got it out, but it was all smooshed.  Keep in mind that I lost one bottle with my bike.  This was my spare.  It was bright blue.  I don’t know how he missed it.  Good thing I did not have my phone or camera with it!!  So, no drink for Lori.  I just did the other half mile so I could get the complete 4 and grouched my way home.  Can the universe just leave me alone for a little while?  I’m tired of people messing with my stuff….

I had a hankering for some waffling when I got home!

These came out super crispy.  I think I left them in the iron longer, but tasty!

Busy, busy at both jobs today.  Pixie has been very needy since we got back.  This is me trying to work and she just comes over and does this:

I kept pushing her just off my lap to the side, but she kept stretching back onto it.  Maybe she thought I wouldn’t notice or something.  Cute.

Lunch break consisted of pumpkin mixed with yogurt and cereal.  Looks boring, but I assure you that it was tasty.

I was so absorbed in work that the time flew by.  John made me a latte, which I paired with a couple squares of Lindt.

After more work, it was time to go out and pick up my new friend.  I decided upon the Fuji Absolut e performance hybrid (after going through my check list ).

Welcome to the family new bike!

24 gears, trigger shift, light frame.  When I got on this one yesterday, I knew it was the one for me, but I tried others to make sure and then slept on it.  It was on sale, too.  Had a fitting for the bike with my clip shoes on and I was ready to go.  We then picked up a helmet, a new lock, a new computer, and a water bottle (see above) so I can go to the gym tomorrow.  Still need some more stuff, but at least I can ride again!  It’s going to take getting used to, so I can’t dilly dally with the charity ride creeping up on me.  John has not found one that he likes yet.  It is a little hard at this time of year to find bikes.  Luckily for me, there were a lot of women’s bikes in stock.

I was *hangry* at this point and would have liked to have eaten out, but not after dropping a chunk of change on all this stuff.  We got home and John grilled up chicken while I cooked brussel sprouts.

Served along side a pluot.  It was so good because I was hungry!  I still have to work tonight.  Lots to do and need to earn that money! LOL.  I wish I had time to go for a spin, but that will have to wait.  I will talk about the bike in a little more detail as well.

Gotta get a snack ready for my evening work.  See you on the flip side!

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