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Posted Jun 03 2011 12:55pm
Have you ever seen the Pixar movie UP? Well, if you haven't, there is a dog in this movie that often gets sidetracked by the thought of seeing a squirrel.

This is what my life has felt like the past month or two. I have lost focus more then once and feel like a failure. Fortunatley for me we are allowed 'do-overs!'.... .and I am SO calling do-overs!!

I am in a place right now where I am very unsettled. I can't say its a bad thing though. It has been quite the adventure and I know that God is with us and guiding us in the direction He wants us to go. Family life has changed a lot in the last year... my Hubby has grown to be quite the Godly man and I am so proud of him. In our quest to find 'home'... I have lost focus on my healthy lifestyle. Not that I'm sorry I did. I have enjoyed some delicious cobblers, hamburgers and cookies... but now its time to say goodbye to full fat... and hello to fat free.

I know that one day in my future I will have to learn ... ummm, what's that word?... oh ya... MODERATION. But apparently that day is not today. I can still pig out with the best of them. I'm not going to wallow around in self pitty. I'm going to jump back up and get back into motion. I dont have my scale (its packed in a box along with our entire life) so I am going by clothes... that are super tight right now.... and my own feelings.  This may be my biggest challenge, as I am/was a slave to the scale.

I am not living in my own home... so food is a little crazy.... and I'm not on my own computer, so don't expect daily posts (although I will try!). I have to make do with what God has given me right now... which is more then enough to succeed. My goal... to feel good about myself in (and out!) of my clothes by the 4th of July. One month is more then enough time to drop the unwanted bloat (fat) that I have put on and to get back on track.

Until next time....
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