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spring is coming and I want to look decent

Posted by ball-lightning l.

hi everybody,

you might have noticed, that the sun is warmer every day (at least here ) and spring is coming on strong. time to wear short and sexy clothes again... but not for me. I feel fat (feel?! I am ) atm and want to do something about it. problem is: I don´t have enough time to look after myself (I mean work-out, low fat cooking). what is your tip for me? I mean besides starving.

I´m a 36 year old femal worker, no sports and low motivation... Sad
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Hi ball-lightning,

So... I understand you want to lose some weight, although u don't specify how much. It doesn't matter. I am on that road too, I want to look "decent" at least enough to wear skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops.

I invite you to seriously take a look at your priorities and ask yourself what you are willing to give up in order to get what you want. Unfortunately there is no such thing as magic pills, potions or shortcuts to the losing weight thing, nor to anything else in life for that matter. I think everyone will agree that you need to modify your diet and include exercise in your schedule in order to get results. If you're not willing to do any of this maybe the weight loss is not really a priority for you right now. There are many benefits related to start a weight loss plan, and they go beyond the weight loss: health, self esteem, sense of accomplishment... I assure you if you start doing something good for yourself everything else will follow, and don't do it just because spring is coming, do it to turn your life around and exploit all the potential you have. You will not regret it. But everything comes with a price :) Think about it.



Bolivia is correct, you'll have to make a commitment to yourself to do this. I suggest you start with the book "Eat This Not That". It'll help you make overall better choices at the grocery store and when eating out. You can probably check out a copy at the library. You've got to add exercise also. One option may be getting up early to do a video if you don't have time to get to the gym. Check some out at the library. A mini trampoline is also a good choice because you can use it while you watch television. I think you'll find that the more you do the more motivated you'll become because you'll feel so much better.

Hi Ball-Lightning,

I pretty much concur with everything that's already been said, but I have to wonder from your message whether your are interested in making a change because you want to do something positive for yourself, or because you simply want to feel better on the surface? It's good to make that distinction. If this is a one-time thing you're doing just so you can wear sexy spring clothes, I'm not sure the effects will be lasting (as you probably already know, people who tend to lose weight tend to also gain it back, then some). I think that making conscious lifestyle changes for the long haul will benefit you even more, but I don't necessarily think that will happen overnight if you are, indeed, overweight. (I couldn't tell from your posting whether this was a matter of self-perception or genuine health concerns.) Good luck--and remember, you can feel sexy and confident no matter what you're wearing or how heavy you are.

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