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Splenda Buys Hundreds of Anti-Splenda Domains

Posted by AregM

The makers of Splenda have been busy. Busy enough to purchase over 211 domain names - such as,, It is an elaborate and insidious ploy to prevent any negative information being written on-line. Splenda is the brand name for Sucralose - an artificial sweetener created by UK food processing company Tate & Lyle. The product was co-developed in the US by Johnson & Johnson - and is now sold under the umbrella company McNeil Nutritionals. According the Sustainable is Good blog, Johnson & Johnson, and Tate & Lyle embarked on a two-pronged campaign to stifle any negative press. 1. Find any negative websites about Splenda, and buy up all similar names. (I checked one site I know of - This is owned by blogger Joey Goldman. I then checked the site -- and found it was owned by Johnson & Johnson). 2. Register any domain name they can think of that might be used to write negative information. (see the Sustainable blog for a bigger list). ....Continued on
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