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Spins for Everyone?

Posted May 10 2010 5:13pm

Tonight was so great! I love my Monday night class. I love a morning workout but I know I bring more energy to an evening class. By 5:00 I am ready to work out! One of my students tonight even said during one of our first songs, “You just look like you want to take off!” and it was true. I was pumped for our fast songs; I can put everything from my day into them, you know? I love to wear myself out — especially when I know something delicious is waiting at home to be eaten!

So…I feel like every time I post a new playlist here or post the screen shot on Twitter, I get so many responses from people wishing they could take a class with me. And believe me…I wish the same thing! Think about my love for infomercials and my love for spinning and what do you get? You’re pretty much looking into the “Dream Job” part of my soul. Unfortunately I can’t do quite that.

But I was thinking about what I could do. I could create a podcast-cum-playlist…it would be like Gymnertainment , but instead of just entertaining you (although there would be a little of that too), I’d be actually telling you what to do on the bike. I’d count your jumps, tell you what positions to hit, etc. and you’d have really good tunes to do it to (better than in my actual classes because I could give ya’ll the dirty stuff). And I’d just leave it set so that you could make whatever donation you wanted when you downloaded it; that’s how a lot of mash-ups are, and it would be similar.

It would be really for anyone who has access to a spin bike. I love spinning so much but sometimes classes wouldn’t fit into my schedule so I’d have my instructor give me their playlist and then I’d just go spin on my own. (And I spin on my own now that I bought my own bike!) Most gyms don’t care if you use the bikes when there’s no class. Actually, 99 percent of the time, they don’t even notice. You could have sex in the spin room for all they know. (Uhhh…not that I have.) But it can be hard to spin alone…you have to motivate yourself and doing fast jumps all by your lonesome isn’t easy…so this would be a way to do it because I’d be telling you to do it! Sure you could go easy on yourself, but that can happen doing a workout DVD too. I’m sure most of you would want to make it worth your while!

I could also make one for beginners…a 30-minute ride that wasn’t as hard and fast. I would assume that you’ve at least taken a spin class before so you know how to set up your bike and the different positions and everything, because I don’t want you getting hurt, but it might be a way to build up your endurance and confidence so that when you headed to the hardest class in your gym in a few weeks you’d be like, “HARD JUMPS? BRING ‘EM! What’s up now?” and you’d do a little booty dance as you flew from first position to third like it ain’t no thang.

The other thing is, if you’ve taken a spin class before but don’t have access to a bike now for whatever reason, but you still know your way around the cardio machines, you could definitely do the routine on an elliptical. I’ve done this before too, actually quite frequently. If you glue your heels down (as you should anyway) and really pay attention to the resistance and incline, you can sort of jump on an elliptical like you can on a bike. Because my workouts are rhythm-based, the main thing is to always match your pace to the beat of the music using the resistance to guide you. Slow song? Turn it uppppp. Fast song? Take it down to a flat road and run. Instead of going out to third position, you’d just turn the incline up on the elliptical and sort of run uphill.

So I guess my question is…do you guys want me to do this? It would take a little effort on my part but I’m totally willing to if you guys would use it!

Like I said, I wish everyone could come take my class, but until I get a DVD or go on a world spinning tour, that’s not happening! So we’ll have to settle for a low-budget substitute. (And maybe if this takes off, my DVD infomercials won’t be far behind!) I’m also working on writing a new Gymnertainment download for this month, so you non-spinners out there will not be left in the dust.

So leave me some feedback and let me know what you think because if it’s worth it to you guys, it’s worth it to me! Even if I can’t take your virspinity , I can still try to be the best you’ve ever had!

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