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Speed bumps

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:17pm
Hubby and I had our appointment with the personal trainer at the Family Y on Sunday. Basically, they get your goals and experience, then put together a weight training program for you.
The weight systems at the gym all have a computer system that tracks your progress, reminds you the setting you need, and tells you how many reps you have done, how many more to go, and tells you if you are pumping too fast or slow.

It's a very advanced system, I must say.

I did a full hour at Yoga last night, then followed through with my entire weight session and 11 minutes/45 seconds on the bike trainer. That was as long as I could do - I was pretty tired at that point.

Hubby did his full session too.

My uncle was at the gym the same time we were, and said something that ticked me right off. He saw Hubby on the treadmill and comments, "Wow - you must be feeding him well. Didn't realize how well until I got a load of that profile."

I looked at my uncle and said, "Uh, hello? Who are you looking at? He lost like 60 pounds. He's gained back some it, but he is looking good, and doing something about it!" Then I walked away cuz I was really to smack him.
Rude, much? Never will I understand when people need to comment on the size of another person. Either fat or thin - don't comment unless asked. Period.

Okay - enough of the rant. We are back to the fat flushing and I'm determined to get rid of the 10 pounds acquired over the show season, then kick some butt to get rid of that extra 15. We started this thing almost a year ago.
We can do it. And still live our lives.
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