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Spain Removes Skinny Mannequins From Stores

Posted by AregM

Last year during Fashion Week, Spain banned models with a BMI under 18 from participating. This year, the Health Ministry in Spain is charging ahead with a new program that will prevent mannequins under a size 6 (a Spanish 38) from being displayed in store windows. Womens' sizes are also being standardized. 85,000 women across Spain, ages 12 to 70, will be measured in a special laser booth that can take up to 130 measurements in 30 seconds. This study will help get a better idea of the shapes of women in Spain. As for what prompted these changes, Spain is being Westernized like many European countries, and the numbers of eating disorders are growing. In a culture where a size zero is promoted as “ideal,” many women try to live up to this standard. ....Continued on
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