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Soya Milk Vs Normal Milk What Are the Differences?

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:00pm

SGVSMILK We tend to live in a society where we are brought up with set values and ways of doing things, I don’t know if you can remember this but when I was younger we used to have a milk break in the morning at school I think it was a thing that some schools did but I believe now it has been scrapped.

But milk however is one of those things that is part of our society and because of the way it is integrated into our lifestyles we very often don’t think about alternatives.

There may be reasons for this but ultimately it’s probably more to do with how things are marketed at us that makes our buying choices, there are other alternatives to cow’s milk such as rice milk and So Good Soya Milk which I highly recommend.

So first we will look at cow’s milk to see what benefits there are of it.

Cow’s Milk

Has the following benefits;

  • Protein which it is a good source of
  • You can gain energy from the fat that it provides
  • Provides a great deal of nutrition that people need and the higher fat variety of cow’s milk is a good source of nutrition for infants that are aged six weeks and above

Some disadvantages of cow’s milk are;

  • Certain people may be allergic to proteins which can be contained within cow’s milk, these tend to be things like asthma, certain skin conditions and IBS
  • The lactose which is contained within cow’s milk which is its own sugar, can affect people also they may not be able to ingest it properly with in their stomachs and this may lead to things like stomach cramps etc
  • Some people may be both intolerant and have allergic type reactions to cow’s milk
    It also has none of the following vitamins and minerals C &D and lacks iron

Soya Milk

Has the following benefits;

  • It doesn’t contain any lactose so if you have a problem with this particular sugar than drinking soya milk is a alternative for yourself
  • The protein that they tend to use in soya milk is different to cow’s milk so if you have any kind of problem  relating to this you don’t have to worry about it
  • Soya milk and the proteins that are used within it have been proven to lower cholesterol
  • Soya milk will be more often abundant with vitamins and minerals
  • The fat that is contained within soya milk is unsaturated so no worries about having too much saturated fat
  • The way that soya milk is made which is from beans gives you a good source of fibre
  • Soya in itself has been a large part of the Japanese’s diet for quite a long time

Some disadvantages of soya milk are;

  • Some people can be allergic to the proteins which are contained within it
  • It may give you wind or in plain english you may fart more
  • It’s not recommended for infants that are younger than 24 weeks old

So from the above data so we can see that both have some advantages and disadvantages, but what about how it works in real life, here are some notes from studies that have involved soya milk.

Soya Milk Studies

Studies Relating to Heart Health

Yoshihiro Kokubo who works at the Cardiovascular Centre in Japan , studied 40,000 people over a period of 12 years.

They found that women who ate soya as part of their diet five times a week were far less likely to have a heart attack, their overall risk factor was 45 percent compared to people who ate soya two times a week, their risk factor was 69 percent in comparison.

A scientist based in America named Elaine Kru who analysed 45 studies all based around soya, came to the conclusion that those people that had soya in their diets, resulted in a four percent reduction in cholesterol and five percent reduction in LDL cholesterol which is the bad one. All you need to do is eat 25 grams of soya in your diet and you will get the same effect.

Studies on Appetite Suppressent regarding Soya

At Leeds University two researchers Clare Lawton and wh Louise Dye, who did a study gave their participants which were 20 young men, a soya-based breakfast which consisted of the following, soya milk and cereal and a yoghurt.

Then later on in the afternoon for dinner they had some soya mince and chocolate, or they had similar breakfasts and lunches which were made up from milk and cereal and meat as a alternative, this was a week apart.

They were allowed to choose what snacks they wanted for both evening and dinner snacks. The researchers found that when they included soya in their meals they ate  significantly less than when they didn’t eat the soya.

This resulted in a deficit of 144 calories and they said that they felt fuller when eating the soya, but did not feel so full when they didn’t eat it. A144 calorie deficit over a period of the year will result in a 14 pound weight loss which is a stone in weight.

Studies on Abdominal Fat Reduction regarding Soya

Some researchers did studies on women who had gone through the menopause, they studied 15 of them to see what difference soya would make to them nine were given a soya shake to drink. And six were given a placebo drink.

When the women were scanned there was a difference in the size of their abdominal fat compared to those to had the placebo drink.

I myself have just recently tried soya milk and I think it tastes great it has a sort of vanilla taste to it. If you are interested in soya milk then please visit the following web site to learn more www.

Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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