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Sony W250 Series Walkman MP3 Player

Posted May 08 2010 5:56am

Disclaimer: Sony sent me this product sample to review, however I am under no obligation to do so nor to make the review positive. This review reflects my personal opinion about this product.

I don't listen to music like I used to when I was younger but I have found that doing so when I'm on the treadmill or running outdoors (as little as that happens lately) really helps me forget about the time – something I find really helps when I am doing something as boring to me as running. The problem is that I've never been comfortable with the devices I have had. I've been really happy with the Sansa Clip I've been using for over a year, and I use that both when I travel (I plug it into my Bose headphones) or when I am on the treadmill. But I don't use it when running outside.


Because I'm not an ear bud guy. I can never get those little things to fit properly in my ear and they always fall out. So when I run on the treadmill I have these really ugly headphones that I think came from the late eighties, but they are light and don't get in my way. But they aren't to be seen out in the public. I did use the Music Infused Headband by i360 for a little while, but while it worked great in the winter when it got warm out there was just no way it was going to work.

Sony Walkman

So when a representative from Sony contacted me about the Sony W250 Series Walkman MP3 Player and told me it integrated the MP3 player directly into the ear buds, with a small flexible wire to keep everything in place, I knew I had to try it out for myself.

And I am glad that I did, because now I've got an MP3 player I will be happy to be seen in public with.

Sony designed this unit with the runner in mind. Key features include:

  • Design – its lightweight, water-resistant frame ensures proper functionality during extended periods of activity inside or outside – even in the rain.
  • 2GB of maximum capacity – holds approximately 470 songs.
  • Quick Charge Option – for on-the-go or those who have forgotten to charge, charge 3 minutes for up to 90 minutes of play time. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.
  • Easy Music Transfer – Content Transfer software allows users to move music files and playlists straight from a PC/iTunes library.

I installed the software as well and can attest to how easy it is to transfer files. Simple drag and drop. They unit also has this feature called Zappin Playback which enables sequential playback of song clips at a preset duration, and it grabs a short recognizable clip of each song such as the most melodic or rhythmical section. I can't see a good use for this but I'm sure someone must like it!

Suggested retail price is $60, available at , Sony Style retail stores & other authorized retailers nationwide.

One thing I miss having in this unit is a radio. My Clip has a radio and that's really great for a change of pace. If I could offer one improvement that would be it – give it a radio.

Overall, a great little device that hopefully will help encourage me to get out and run more this year.

CONTEST: But don't just take my word on it, if you have read down this far you deserve a little something yourself. I'll be randomly selecting one of the commenters on this post between today and May 13th (US only, sorry) to receive your very own Sony W250 Series Walkman MP3 Player, courtesy of Sony!

Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

Sony W250 Series Walkman MP3 Player

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