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some thoughts i've been thoughting about...

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:00am
First off, I missed yesterday but think every other day should be good enough as then i have a little more to write life is pretty the same every day during the week so there won't be a whole lot of variety...;)

next, i missed my workout yesterday but once again...every other day should be okay until my actual copy of the 30 day shred gets number 1...for

also, i have been really good about sticking to my dp's...haven't dipped in the wp's yet! saving up for the weekend as per usual. and i've gathered 10 ap's so far, working on getting up close to 20 by WI day...i really like walking pushing a stroller opposed to just walking by myself...also, it's alot more eventful when i go and pick up my friend barb...i like having someone to talk to!

now onto some other thoughts...

I love love love my sometimes seems too good to be true, then i think of the things i've endured in order to get here...i mean it's not perfect, but it's pretty dang close! don't get me wrong, i have the ups and downs (usually really really big downs when they come...but through those, i always know it'll be okay)...i've always known that, that deep down somewhere or way way up there somewhere, someone or something will get me through whatever comes my way, and it'll all be okay. call it what you will (i use a couple of different things) like God, the Creator, etc...i just know he's there for me and there are either angels or something watching out for me! and now for my kids!

ah, my kids...the reason for everything i do now...i thought once i found my hubby that i knew what love was, but it's only one small part of the whole picture. not to make our love sound non-significant because he is my soul-mate, i know that in my heart of hearts! but now that we have created life twice, the full feeling of complete and total love surrounds me everyday!!!
i know that i would never hesitate in laying my life down for either of them and that being on WW's is the best thing for all of us. I am getting healthy for the greater good, and in turn am getting hubby healthy and therefore teaching my kids the benefits of good healthy eating and exercise. That is a main responsibility i owe them in being their parent!
not only that but i do not want them to see either me or their father suffer from the myriad of diseases associated with being obese. I watched what the complications from diabetes did to my dad less than a year ago, when it finally took his life and i do not want to go that way or watch the love of my life succumb to that fate!
i'm not going to waste time in going over the fact that i shouldv'e done this a long time ago. yes hindsight is 20/20, but you can't change what's past, right?
the important thing is I'm doing it now! and the bonus of it all is i'm going to be one hot momma!!!lol

well...i finally got lil man down for a nap (took 4 times of going in and rocking him during writing this blog, but i think i won! momma's boy!) so i shall get my shredding shoes on and get my butt (as sore as it still moving!!

thanks for checking out the tpartee!!!

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