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Some of The Causes of Belly Fat

Posted Oct 04 2010 2:51am

This a guest post by Kieran Moloney of

For a lot of people belly fat just seems to appear unsuspectingly out of nowhere and many may not know the reason for the addition of unattractive belly fat to their body. However, there is a reason why most things happen and this is no different for a change in body composition.

Most of the time getting a fat belly has to do with a lifestyle change somewhere along the way.

This may be giving up an activity you once participated in or the addition of a few untimely meals a few times a week or even a new job that may see you commuting in the car as opposed to the bike.

Whatever it is, maybe it’s good to address the issue before your belly fat continues to grow.

Sometimes it can be surprising how much lifestyle changes can result in additional, unwanted fat being put on. For example, if you were someone who used to walk to work but youare living in the suburbs and need to travel by car this can result in an extra 200-400 calories being left undispensed.

If these additional calories from food aren’t being burned by your daily activity then I’m afraid to say it will result in body fat being stored on your body.

The same goes for eating foods that are dense with calories such as foods with high levels of fat such as fries, mince meat, potato chips, biscuits, cakes and so on. Eating something like a pizza in your daily diet can add over a 1000 calories to your diet. Again, if this large amount of calories isn’t burnt then it will result in belly fat being stored. NOTE: To burn 1000 Calories requires an hour and fifteen minutes of high intensity running on a treadmill.

The primary reason I believe belly fat comes about is our diets. What you may be surprised to hear is that if your diet is in order you can actually maintain and even simply by eating fewer calories than you require day-by-day.

Here are a few of the reasons why individuals put on fat due to their diets;

Fats and Carbs after8pm

Calories are what our bodies consume as a fuel source. When these calories from foods are not used they tend to  settle  as fat. It’s for this reason that we should take special note of the foods we eat late at night when our bodies are inactive and consuming very few calories.

For example, if we consume a pizza with 1200 calories at 10 pm and our bodies only consume a fraction of that then you better believe that those calories are going to be stored as fat.

As a result we should only aim to eat food that are low in calories late on in the day. For example, salmon or chicken and broccoli are excellent low calorie, high protein meals ideal in the evening and before bed.

Your body isn’t moving!

A lot of the time, when people leave high school or university where they may have once played a sport or engaged in some other sort of physical activity they tend to stop when they go out to work. This of course causes an issue because in time their metabolism’s won’t be as active as they once were and consequently, their bodies will not be consuming as many calories.

This means that all the food they used to once eat which they continue to eat-will begin to be stored as Belly Fat as these calories from food will not be consumed. for Losing Belly Fat, Gaining Muscle Mass and getting Ripped Abs

Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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