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Some Chocolate. Yum. I Could Use a Good Reward

Posted May 18 2011 5:00am

It’s a no brainer. When you are trying to lose some weight, you think of a restricted food like a piece of chocolate as particularly rewarding. In fact, all you aspiring weight losers out there probably put all the best comfort food and junk food snacks in the category of “very rewarding”.

If you’re an emotional eater on top of being an aspiring weight loser, restricted foods loom larger than large. They’re still in the restricted category, but you keep them around so you can get rid of unpleasant emotional feelings as quickly and surely as you can. You even reward yourself prior to situations that might evoke unpleasant feelings. You aren’t taking any chances. Not a bad idea.

Well, it’s not an idea really. It’s a habit. Before you have time to think, you turn to these fattening foods, and part of the habit is counting on them to do their job. Once a habit always a habit. Thank goodness. No time to stop and think. The turn-to-comfort-food behavior almost runs itself—like it’s on speed dial. Don’t have to worry about those darn emotions getting the best of you.

Hey! What about that aspiring weight loser in you? Where’s she?


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