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Social Influences on Behavior and Your Pattern of Eating

Posted Jan 16 2014 6:41am

Would you say that other people influence you in your choice of food and the amount of food you eat? What do you think? True or false?

Check this social phenomenon out for yourself. What happens when you eat with someone who is eating too much food or too many fattening foods? Do you eat more than you usually do, or do you eat less than you normally do? What if you are in a group of say four to eight people and you are all eating together? Are you more influenced to eat up to or down from the group norm? In other words, are you more influenced to change your eating behavior because of group rather than individual social influence?

And what happens when you eat with overweight people versus eating with thin people? What changes might you make to your own eating behavior either to conform or to differ?

Take a good look at you and social influence and your eating. You may be surprised to find out that even if you are not eating with someone else or a lot of someone elses the amount of food you eat or the type of food you eat is still subject to the social influence you carry around with you from experience.


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