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So How Exactly Will I lose 60lbs?

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am
Personally, I am not interested in using a brand name dieting plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach etc... I absolutely appreciate that these work for many but I know myself well enough to know that my mind is not quite fully behind any one in particular. So how exactly will I lose 60lbs? Some ideas that I have discussed with my husband are calorie counting, vegetarian/vegan, raw, goes on.

The trouble with picking one is that I have no idea which one is going to:

a) Actually help me achieve weight loss
b) Make me feel energetic and well
c) Help me stay committed in the long run
d) Allow me to still enjoy food

Something I, and probably all of us, have been guilty of in the past is hearing what the principles of a diet are then saying, "OK I will do that to get thinner." I have just recently realized that I am not surprised I have failed before because I never gave my body or my mind a chance to decide for itself. Maybe, what I should have been saying is, "OK that sounds like something I would be willing to try, lets see how my mind and body react."

So what's different about this time is that I am going to give my body and mind the right to decide for themselves. I have decided to use a 1 month trial period for some of the diet plans I would like to try. So it will go something like Jan: vegetarian diet, Feb: counting calories, March: high fiber etc...I like to switch things up a little and enjoy variety so hopefully this will renew my motivation and interest every month also. One added bonus is that I will also become more and more educated with different types of nutrition, so hopefully it will be a fun ride!

Of course my diet will be only half of the change, so I will be using a similar format for exercise also. 12 days left to plan! Hmmm...I wonder which would be fun to try first?...
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