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So far so good....lost a few lbs, feeling great, lots of energy, OVERALL happy with this choice of counting calories!

Posted Aug 15 2010 10:54am
Hey there friends. Just wanted to come on and quickly say, so far so good! I have been counting as I said I would, trying to stay within the 1300-1500 calorie daily intake (depending on how hungry I find myself)

Believe it or not, its really hard to even consume 1500 calories for me at times when I am taking in a little more then normal amounts of protien. Some kind of lean protien is my main focus with every meal, and then follows the good non starchy carbs (or brown bread or rice), veggies, fruits etc...

There is a great upside to taking in more protien you know.
(1) great for building/maintaining muscle
(2) leaves you feeling much fuller LONGER opposed to carbs
(3) not that high in calories if you are going lean. For example a boneless skinless chicken breast can be under 300 cals(depending on size)!

I think its really important that everyone should have some sort of protien with every meal! I have read this before as well, but believe it to be true.

People often wonder how the "atkins" high protien diet works so well. And I know the answer because I have done it before. Its actually quite simple. You are taking in so much protien, and this protien takes a much longer time to digest, therefore it takes longer to go through your system, in the end making you feel fuller, and hense you are not eating as much believe it or not! And your calories end up being really LOW.

I remember when I started that diet. At first you are so used to eating so much so you start it off eating just that..ALOT.
2 to 3 eggs in the morning bacon, saucages whatever...chicken how much you want friends at lunch, broiled bbq night perhaps you would have like some kind of roast lets say..ALL U was GREAT. So you are thinking ah this is so perfect..I am eating like a king, and its greesy but its ok IM ALOUD and I AM LOSING!

But after a few days, you notice really quick that your appetite starts to go down..your two or three eggs turn into just 1 (which even that is sometimes hard to get down) your lunch will be a few slices of chicken or whatever rather then 6 oz...and dinner well..very little. And that is exactly why you lose weight.
Its not some miracle diet. Its basic facts..protien keeps you full, takes a longer time to digest and go through your system, therefore you end up eating less. Which is why I make sure to still incorporate healthy lean protien with every meal even with my eating today.

BUT...a big BUT..long term, this isnt really a good option(as far as a hardcore protien diet is concerned). Usually before you know it, you crash. You get really bored quick, you end up wanting fruits (because of your lack in sugar) which you arent really suppose to have or very limited to...and as soon as you have one piece a blow up like a balloon. LOL

Im done with those days as so should you be! Any kind of restricted diet I think should be erased now. WE really need to change how we think and what we thought about as far as losing weight.  Its just not working for the majority of us. Like many, I am done with the yo yo dieting. I am done with being so fixed on eating so perfectly and then when I do crash or cave into something I shouldnt have had,  it eats at me like crazy feeling so guilty and worthless and feeling like a failure ruining me even worse then when I started. No way. No more! I WILL commit to going to the gym weather I have a piece of fruit OR a piece of cake. I am there from now on and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I WILL go to the gym because it is GOOD for me (my heart, lungs, blood, body, muscles) and not solely with the idea to lose extra inches! I will learn to EAT a variety of different foods where nothing is really forbidden as I once was taught. Most of the time I will try my best to have healthy choices and yes sometimes I will have something not so good for me, because I DESERVE to eat them too like everyone else in moderation and will not beat myself up because of it. I will continue to count my way to my goal and WILL get there! Without paying  thousands to be given a diet thats made by someone else. I WILL MAKE MY OWN UP.

You know this past week, doing the counting like I mentioned, I have felt really good. I am combining all different foods...I have alot more energy, I do NOT feel deprived. I do try and make most of my meals as healthy as I can and making better choices as often as I can, but if i want something not so healthy..i will have it..I just make sure to count it now!

I have been having amazing workouts at the gym. Feeling good. I dont go in there for 2 hours like i used to, but instead do pretty much an hour in total. And I leave feeling great, FULL of energy and not drained..and I get to live an actual life outside that place! Its amazing. Its still sometimes hard at times to get used to not feeling guilty for having lets say yogurt when I never really had it before. Or having something like a banana instead of a apple. I sometimes feel guilty and feel like I am cheating because I am now having variety where I never used to do that, or was not ALLOWED to. WEIRD. But I snap myself out of it..and continue to say to myself..hey this is the new way. Just keep counting and stay within your limits and you'll be just fine!

I remember when I used to work out so hard..sometimes i would come home and have almost no energy at all left for my own family. it really sucked. I didnt like it much, but i knew i had to do it, so I did. But these days after what I have been through, I am looking for something more real. I dont even care if I am losing just 1 lb a me...that is just perfect! Because to be able to enjoy the gym now, without the pressure of going full force like a machine as I once did, and to enjoy my food and being able to have a big variety of food if I choose...the whole point is this way I GET TO CHOOSE NOW. I dont have someone making me these so called diets anymore where thats all you follow or your screwed basically. Who the heck wants to do that, seriously?

WE really as a society I think need to STOP this PANIC mode of losing weight. We need to STOP, take a BREATH..and begin to change, slowly looking at ways that is more natural. Why rush it anyways? Rushing weight loss usually means making wrong choices, or choosing a diet that you cannot stick with, and most importantly gaining it back in the end..or in some cases even MORE then when you started.  I think the whole anxiety we carry  about it doesnt help. We all know that if you want to you can lose tons of weight quick. I did it, and you can to...but, where do I stand today. Not really in a high place. Was it truthfully a  program that later I could incorporate into my normal life, NOPE. 

I am able to thankfully say I havent gained it all back, but enough to make me sick. haha

I was even out on the weekend with some friends, and there goes the camera shots..great i thought.
When being forwarded a shot of myself with a few friends yesturday, I was like OMG. what the F*** is that? LOL
And even though I was disgusted when looking at my photo, at the same time I thought, its ok. I am not going to beat myself up anymore for the real crappy year I have had along with the shitty choices I made. This picture of me represented in my mind, what I had been through. And so I just copied it, (a few actually) saved it to my computer to use sometime in the future. (But will NEVER look at them again until then)

I mean I could post it here on the blog, but truthfully I have done all that already in the past. I dont want to go back to posting month to month photos. Been there done that. However what I would like to do is to keep that photo, and when I do get to my goal weight of 150 lbs I will post them both. The one that my friend took the other night along with the goal weight pic just to prove that this theory really works. And if it does friends(work that is and is something I can actually stick with)...I think I finally have found the answer to ongoing stress free weightloss! And most importantly because i am incorporating all foods, perhaps just maybe this new counting calorie way will help me in the long run to maintain as well.

This time around I am doing it alone. So i am learning alone. Its all about trying new things. And like I said so far so good..have managed to actually lose 2 lbs in one week...and this is even with a "not so great weekend" which included some drinking and alot of high carb fattening foods. LOL

But today back to counting..and tommorow back to the gym where I will tackle weak #2 of it. I can live with this though, Its been great. I am looking at my gym time more of an escape for me these days.But seriously the picture I looked over of myself yesturday, as I joked with a friend of mine..really needs some fixing. LOL

Anyways before I go, there was one of my followers on here who I added as a friend on the calorie counting site  that I have been using that he uses as well, and if there are any others perhaps who want to try this out as well...lets be friends on there. Add me! I will for sure add you too!

And dont worry, your weight chart and other private info you record cannot be seen by others, even friends. Your tools are your tools (weight chart, BMI etc)..the only thing I think we can see is basically when we write on each others wall etc..But its a great place to support each other.

Honestly friends, its worth a shot. It takes a little more time, it is something deffinetly you have to get used to (counting) its not a miracle site where you will see changes happen at a rapid pace. But if you want to start changing your body for good in a realistic way however, I highly recommend joining! In the end its all about what you do, what you learn. No one will be there to hold your hand. But if we can tap into what REALLY works long term rather then a quick fixes we are DEFFINTELY on our way to freedom once again...
Lets change together friends!!

See you in a week!
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