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snowing on day 2 of spring

Posted May 28 2010 1:44pm
Well I woke up this morning to about 5cm of snow on the ground...oh perfect, so spring like. Mr Bones came home from the animal hospital last night. They want me to keep him from running, jumping and stairs. Other than kenneling him for 20 hours a day I'm not really sure how this can be achieved. I mean right now he's pretty calm and still medicated but soon he will be back to his regular pep and then watch out. I'm sure it will be back to running so fast that he is on the back cushions of the couch ala Matrix.

This morning I got up at 730 and went to a 9am aquasize class I love our instructor. Some of them want you to go at your own pace and make sure you aren't feeling pain, not Gail. It's like boot camp she yells at you to push harder and at the same time she's really fun. On the way out to the car I slipped and fell on the ice and snow and now I have a big cut on my ankle. It's not painful to walk though so that's a good thing.

Here is yesterdays food journal
Breakfastventi sugar free hazelnut non fat americano misto -3
Quaker weight control maple and brown sugar oatmeal -2
banana -2

Lunch2 pieces of pizza -10
1/2 of a fresh pineapple -(2)

dinner(eaten at 10pm-hopefully now that Bonesy is home I can stop eating at such weird times)
1 cup of brown rice -4
1 cup of diced turkey breast -4
stirfry veggies -1
hoisin sauce 3tbsp -2

SnackPringles bold crunch smokey barbecue chips 100 grams -10

Daily points allowance -41
total points used -40

The only think that made me not happy about the foods for yesterday was that I ate a lot of it later in the day (8pm or later) and also I think I could have gotten a lot more bang for my points at lunch. Pizza is definitely a weakness of mine, what are you a sucker for?

Have a great Sunday :)
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