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Snow and Mardi Gras Feast!

Posted Feb 10 2013 7:43pm

We were luckier with Nemo not to be measuring our snow in multiple feet!  We did have to dig out on Saturday, though.  I know our driveway is somewhere under here.


We got mostly the lighter weight snow up here, so at least shoveling wasn’t the ‘heart attack’ snow.  Now we have a nice clear driveway and John is now pulling snow off the shop roof here.


Kudos to the county for getting the roads cleared fast. They really do a good job and worked all night. The sun came out and it was clean and beautiful.


Cold, though. I spent Saturday working on the bathroom.  I’ll update that progress tomorrow because there were more important things happening on Sunday, like our Mardi Gras Party!  John and I don’t celebrate Lent, but we love celebrating Mardis Gras.  A lot of you know how we love New Orleans. Our secret (or not so) dream is to rent a place there for part of the winter.


We love our family get togethers.  Got out the bead stash.


I put some beads on Pixie and she was less than thrilled (but it serves her right for getting on the table where the beads were – I couldn’t resist!)


John was the pensive reveler today.


On today’s menu?  Meat pies.  These are really supposed to be filled into pastry and deep fried, but I did want to lighten them up a little bit. These are little phyllo cups.


Jambalaya with chicken and andouille, (of course):


We have *so* much of this leftover.  Some was sent home with everyone, but we still have a ton left.  John made a lot :D   I wonder how it freezes?

My sister and family brought red beans and rice.


Delicious!  We did have steamed vegetables, as well as some cheddar biscuits, also made by my sister.

Can’t forget the pralines!


After dinner, it was game time!  We tried Tribond.


That wasn’t  as fun. You are given 3 things and have to figure out the common thread between them.  Really hard!  So – it was time to get out Telestrations .  I gave myself a New Orleans name.


And yes, it must be said with the exclamation point!

I am quite the artiste – my word was “Can of Worms”


This game makes us laugh so much that our faces hurt!

After games – dessert time!  John made up some bananas foster – complete with flambe:


And yes, we do have a fire extinguisher for the kitchen!  This went up really high, too. It was only 1/4 cup of bourbon, which is less than called for. Good thing we didn’t use more.  It was fun to do.

Served over ice cream


It was –10 when we woke up this morning (-23 Celsius). Makes it more appealing to winter down south.


I can’t believe the weekend is over already!

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