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*Sniffle* *Sniffle* *Cough*

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
Okay bloggies, I'm going to be brief because I am majorly sickypoo and going to bed for the night and it's only 7:15 :-(

Breakfast this morning was Muesli, fresh raspberries, fresh blueberries, skim milk (not yet poured in the pic so you can see the beautiful berries), and coffee with blend & sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup for 7.5 POINTS:
I was treated again this morning with a suprise cup of tea from Tim's only this time it was extra special because it was pumpkin spice :-) for 0 POINTS:
Morning Snack was a blueberry bran Vitamuffin and about 2 mouthfulls of this mini can of Coke Zero for 1 POINT:
On my way out the door this morning I grabbed one of my frozen portion of soups from the freezer and I was expecting it to be the Seafood Chowder I made a while back, but to my pleasant suprise, it was the last serving of the homemade turkey soup I made in September and let me tell you, it was and stillis the best turkey soup I've ever had and the perfect thing for Lunch this sick girl. I don't have a recipe to share with you because like most of the best kinds of soups like this, it was more about the method of making the broth. I always estimate this to be 5 POINTS and only because it does seem to be a little high in fat (from the homemade turkey broth), but there's no rice or pasta in it, just the goodness of turkey, veggies and herbs:
I ran to the drug store again at lunch time since I got distracted yesterday the first time I went with all of the awesome organic products at Shopper's Drug Mart, so today I went and bought some Tylenol Cold & Flu and some Neo Citran. I find Neo Citran is one of the best cold and flu remedies there is and it really was the only thing that "appealed" to me as far as something soothing to have, so my afternoon Snack was a pear with a hot cup of Neo Citran and I popped a few Tylenol Cold & Flu. I don't know about the Neo Citran, but I counted the pear as a 1 POINT snack:
A short while later, I felt like I could just curl up and conk out anywhere. I don't know how much of my flu symptoms were relieved, but it sure made me want to sleep. But not something you can do when you're still at work! I felt so dizzy and "dumb struck" and once I got home, I wanted a quick and comforting supper. I made a can of the Campbell's Italian Wedding soup and I added about 3 more cups of fresh spinach to it and sprinkled it with fresh black pepper and fresh grated parmesan. I had a BodyWise whole wheat bagel to dunk and I had it on the couch in front of the TV. That was a total of 7.5 POINTS and was pretty filling and satisfying:
Then I ended up having two of these handfuls of those organic mini chocolate chip cookies from Shoppers. They are soooooo good, I had to go back for a second serving and that was 5 POINTS all together:
So now I'm heading to bed. Tonight is my yoga night and I am just too sick to go. I am really disappointed about it because there is only one night left after tonight, but I'm just plain too sick and miserable. Booooooo!
All in all my total today was 27 POINTS using up 5 of my Flex for those cookies. They were good, worth it and I don't care one bit! I could have done a lot worse in the state I am currently in, that is for sure. The last thing anyone wants to do feeling like this is cook. Hubby was late getting home, so I couldn't even sook to him to make me something. And the thought of coming down to the computer and blogging my daily eats today was not appealing either, but I did it anyway because this is working for me. I'm not going to let any excuse get the better of me and throw me off my game damn it!
I am off for another Neo nightcap and off to bed, my bloggies. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer :-( Here's to waking up tomorrow all better *fingers crossed*
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