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Smoothie King First Impressions and a Contest

Posted Jul 02 2008 9:03am 1 Comment

My First Impressions of Smoothie King

I love giving stuff away, I just love it. Especially when it’s not mine. I’m not likening myself to Robin Hood or nothing. I’m just saying, I like giving stuff away. Recently,Smoothie Kingcontacted me about trying out their brand of specially blended smoothies. I had never tasted one and figured this was the perfect chance to see what all the smoothie fuss was about. Note: I say fuss because I have been seeing and hearing about smoothie-madness for quite some time.

Smoothie King King Card gift card

Their representative sent me a thank you card and a $25 King Card gift card that I could use at any Smoothie King. I’m in the Florida area and decided to have a smoothie for lunch. I originally wanted to record my entering the store, all of the inside and the staff on camera as they prepared the drink, but the store manager was too scared to let me record without the owners permission so I didn’t get to do that. Little did they know that I was going to give them a shout out, with address and everything. Oh well. Moving right along.

The store is packed with a bunch of health supplements, protein powders, weight loss pills, and of course, smoothie making materials. It’s a huge cross-sell factory, which isn’t necessarily bad considering they are catering to health conscious folks. I can now see why they have smoothie stores next to gyms. It’s a one stop shop for protein shakes and supplements. Forgot to take your creatine? No worries, hop into your neighborhood Smoothie King after your workout for a shot of creatine, or whatever supplement you need. It’s a smart concept actually.

Okay, so after I tried my very best to decipher their menu, I just gave up and asked the girl behind the counter to give me something with protein and chocolate. She said The Hulk would be good. So I had a Chocolate Hulk. Now the ingredients in it made the drink have way more calories (approximately 919 calories for their 20 oz cup) than I would normally allow for a shake, but it was my lunch and 2 snacks replacement for the day. It doesn’t help that it’s their weight gain shake either. No worries. I lived to tell about it. And after you see my video below, you will tell it was well worth it. It’s one of the best tasting protein shakes/smoothies I have ever had. Not something I would do often though.

After buying the shake I still had some extra money on the gift card so I purchased a few Pure Protein bars and called it a day. It’s important to keep in mind that I purposely did not order a shake with fewer calories. I could have easily ordered a “skinny” or something with a lot less calories like a Low-Carb Chocolate. Smoothie King has a list ofnutritional information on their different smoothiesthat is worth taking a look at. It’s also important to note that you should always ask about what you are about to consume. In this case I didn’t really care because I was excited about tasting the smoothie, but if you are not sure about ingredients or calories…just ask the staff or ask for a nutritional guide. Do your research and stay informed.

The Smoothie King Contest

So, either you managed to get through my way-too-long Smoothie King nonsense above or you skipped right down to this part because you only care about the contest. Either way, thanks for visiting. Time for the contest right? It’s pretty simple.

The video explains it. Watch the video. Watch the video, now. Please buy my product.

For the video impaired, the contest is short. It will last one week from today and all you have to do to enter is leave a meaningful comment below.Two lucky winnerswill each win a$25 gift cardto Smoothie King. I will choose the 2 winners based on who I feel left the best comments, sprinkled with a little bit of randomness. Thanks!

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Smoothie King First Impressions and a Contest

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Too bad there aren't any Smoothie King franchises where I live.

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