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Smart Ways To Make Sticking To Your Healthy Nutrition Plan Easier

Posted Jun 07 2012 9:04am

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply looking to enhance your overall health status, one thing that you may find you experience from time to time is temptation to eat foods that you really shouldn’t be.

Let’s face the facts, as humans, we take pleasure in eating. Almost everyone has their favorite food that they love to indulge in and for most of us, that food isn’t broccoli, chicken, or brown rice.

Rather, it’s ice cream, pizza, hot wings, pasta, or other high calorie, high fat or sugar items that aren’t exactly going to do our diet proud.

Nutrition Plan image

While the odd indulgence from time to time is definitely allowed and should be part of an overall healthy approach to eating, if these indulgences start to be more of a regular occurrence, that’s when you have a serious problem on your hands.

Fortunately, sticking with your diet doesn’t have to feel like mission impossible if you follow these simple yet effective tips.

Experiment With New Foods

The very first thing that you can do to help making sticking with your diet plan easier is to begin experimenting with new foods. If you’re eating the same foods over and over and over again, there’s no question you’re going to get bored.

Almost anyone would with so little variety. Start trying one new food each week. That will instantly liven up your diet and help break the monotony. Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Make Sure Your Diet Is Balanced

Second, it’s also important that you look over your diet and make sure that it is well-balanced and providing sufficient calories total.

If you’ve been using a very low calorie intake or are not taking in nearly enough carbs (you’ve been very low carb dieting for weeks on end for example), then it’s no wonder you’re getting food cravings.

Remember, your body has very strong defence mechanisms built in to help promote survival. Any time you threaten survival such as when you eliminate the body’s primary fuel source or put it on a near-starvation diet plan, it’s going to fight back.

Food cravings are one way it does so.

By making sure your diet is well-balanced overall, you’ll fend off food cravings without too much trouble.

Never Start The Day Without A Game Plan

The next quick tip to remember to help ensure that you stick to your diet without a problem is to make sure you never start your day without a game plan. If you leave your diet up to chance, chances are not going to be all that good for you.

Fast food or other convenience food is far too tempting. At least when you have that firm plan in mind, you already know what you should be eating.

This goes a long way towards keeping you on course when those temptations pass you by. Take some time Sunday evening to plan out your daily diet for the entire week. This is one of the single best strategies that you can use for success.

Plan For Your Indulgences

Moving along, always set a plan for when you will allow yourself to indulge. If you know that you are going to treat yourself to that piece of cheesecake that you’ve been craving all week on Saturday evening while you’re out with your significant other, or you’re going to go in for that pasta dinner on Friday after your intense workout session, this will relieve your mind and keep you from obsessing about these foods 24/7.

Think of it this way. When you take a toy away from a child and tell them they can’t have it – no and’s, if’s or but’s about it, what do they do?

They cry for that toy until they get it.

It’s the same thing with your favorite foods. Tell yourself you can never have them and they’ll be all you think about.

If you instead tell yourself you can have it at a certain time, this will completely change the way your mind views that food. Now it’s not off-limits, it’s just not allowed until a certain time.

Do A Kitchen-Clean-Out

Finally, last but not least, abide by the saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. If you really find you have trouble sticking with your healthy diet plan, make sure you don’t have any of the foods that tempt you around the house. Clean out your cupboards and toss away the junk foods, soda and processed foods.

Most people won’t actually leave their house to pick up the foods they crave, so if you don’t have access to them, you can’t eat them. This is a very easy way to solve your problem!

So keep these quick tips in mind. If you follow them, you shouldn’t have hardly any problem staying the course on your healthy eating plan.

About The Author: Lindsay Fox is an expert when it comes to natural remedies. She focuses on exploring and discovering new natural remedies that are powerful in improving one’s health, mentally and physically. Lindsay enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies such as aromatherapy incense,  herbal incense  and much more.

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