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Slowly Coming Back to Life...

Posted May 23 2012 9:02pm
Well, the big "thing" is over.  The thing that was sucking the life out of me is pretty much over.  I was so looking forward to celebrating it this week by resting and smiling and floating around the house.

Well, I got the resting part right.

I've been sick for a WHOLE week now.  I was able to fight it off enough to get through the days until Sunday. Sunday through today have basically been bed-days.  I am hoping that tomorrow I can get back into the swing of things.  Slowly.

Exercise, however, will not be included in "the swing of things."  I'm pretty weak.  But I am trying to make some plans.  Because you see, I have some renewed hope.

I have lost weight.

Granted, I gained over the last few weeks.  But in the last two weeks I've lost almost 4.5 pounds.  I've been working with a new fancy pedometer type thing (that I'll report on was a Mother's Day gift).  Anyway, it seems to be helping.

And now that my big ol' obligation is done, I feel like I can focus on a new strategy.  This new strategy can't be super complicated or I won't do it.  So I'm starting off with just a couple of simple steps
  1. Use my new fancy pedometer type thing to shoot for as many steps a day as I can....maybe 6k at first.
  2. Start up with Couch to 5k again, but this time stay on each week until I feel like it's a breeze.  

As for getting ripped, that'll simply have to wait.  I can only focus on a couple of things at a time right now.
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