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Slow Down for Weight loss

Posted by sheryl w.

Eating slowly and mindfully will increase you capacity for weight loss. Eating speedy seems to create over consumption of the food. Researchers from the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, USA, recently presented data from a study which explored this phenomenon. In this study, 30 women were asked to eat a pasta-based meal under two distinct conditions. At one sitting, they were asked to take small bites and chew each one 15-20 times. At another sitting, they were asked to eat as quickly as possible. The women ate until they were satisfied. When the women were instructed to take their time and chew thoroughly, they consumed about 70 calories less than when they were speed eating. They also felt more satisfied immediately after the meal and an hour later! This study suggests that scoffing food is a disaster for weight loss. Furthermore, if you take the time to prepare healthy, delicious food then surely it is best to eat slowly and enjoy it. This seems to be the best recipe for weight loss.
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