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Slim Pickins For Splenda-Sweetened Sodas

Posted Sep 12 2008 8:57am

I get flooded with e-mails about Splenda-sweetened diet sodas

There is a lot of interest by people who are livin' la vida low-carb to find a diet soda that is sweetened with sucralose, commonly known as Splenda, instead of aspartame, aka Nutrasweet. Unfortunately, the options are few and far between and are getting smaller by the minute.

One of my readers wrote to me recently about how Diet 7-Up has changed from Splenda back to aspartame without even telling anyone. This happened about six months ago, but some people are only just now noticing the change.

Here's what she wrote in the e-mail:

My Mom and I are both diabetics and we bought some Diet 7-Up to drink knowing that it has Splenda, which is safe for us, instead of aspartame. There was nothing on the bottle about the change except in the ingredients label.

My poor Mother was in bad shape for an entire day because of the violent sudden diarrhea that aspartame causes in both of us. If you could warn your readers about this, I am sure many people would be thankful.

In my diabetic class, over 90% of us have some type of reaction to aspartame ranging from stomach problems to migraines. None of us ever had any problems from Splenda.

Because of this e-mail, I thought it would be best to share a list of the Splenda-sweetened diet sodas currently available on the market. It is certainly slim pickins, but well worth looking for when you want a diet soda.

Keep in mind these Splenda-sweetened sodas are mixed with another sweetener called acesulfame potassium, aka ACE-K, to enhance the sweetness:

Diet Coke with Splenda (12-packs only)
Pepsi One (12-packs and 2-liter bottles)

Diet Rite, all flavors (12-packs, 2-liter bottles, 20 oz bottles)
Diet Cheerwine (12-packs, 2-liter bottles, 20 oz bottles)
Waist Watcher (12-packs, 2-liter bottles, 20 oz bottles)

You can also find many store brands that are sweetened with Splenda and ACE-K, but most of them have caffeine in them. Just read the labels carefully to avoid the ones with aspartame.

It will be difficult, but try not to buy into the highly-marketed, hyped-up diet sodas like the new energy cola Diet Pepsi Max and even Diet Pepsi Jazz or the vitamin-infused Diet Coke Plus and the ever-growing line of Coke Zero products just because they taste good with the ACE-K blend. They all contain NASTY-tame (that's my word for aspartame!) and should be absolutely avoided since there are just too many good alternatives available with very real questions about aspartame's safety still left unanswered.

Incidentally, for people who don't like the thought of using ANY artificial sweeteners, you'll be pleased to know there's a new version of Diet Coke that is tentatively going to have the plant-based all-natural sweetener stevia in it that has many of us low-carbers thrilled. Hopefully it tastes as good as the NuNaturals brand of stevia.

Coke is currently going through the process of getting FDA approval for their name for stevia--rebiana--but The Coca-Cola Company has some corporate muscle to strongarm them into acceptance. If and when this comes out, it will become my new favorite diet soda. I'm assuming this one will also be an ACE-K blend.

The diet soda market is currently dominated by NASTY-tame offerings, but hopefully that will soon begin to change. If it's a cost issue, then I know I wouldn't mind paying a little more to get Splenda in Diet Cherry Coke or Diet Mountain Dew. I'd even like to taste Splenda in Diet Barq's root beer sometime.

Why not offer a few more choices?

For low-carbers like me who love drinking diet soda, that's all we're asking for. How about it soda manufacturers?

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