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Slight Changes

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:57pm
I noticed a slight change in me yesterday. I noticed that my cheek bones are starting to appear.( I will take a more accurate picture when I hit a 25 pound loss.) I haven't gone to get my eyebrows waxed in over a month, (I could go more than once a month, but I never can seem to find the time) so Lola, my waxer girl, totally noticed I looked different. I think someone who studies your face up close notices these things. She said my face looked thinner. My husband said the same thing, that my cheek bones are starting to emerge from my ever bloated face.

When I left the salon, I felt so nice. A stranger actually noticed.

Later last night, I was getting ready for my son's soccer banquet. I totally noticed something else different in me. I was actually enjoying getting ready. I remember last years banquet. I didn't want to go, I didn't know what to wear, I was grumpy, I hated everything about the banquet and complained the whole night.

Last night, I had fun getting ready, I didn't mind picking something out of the closet to wear, I didn't complain that I was there, I had fun with my friends, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I am not sure if you can see a difference from 07 to 08, I really haven't lost that much weight, (I think the only changes are in Jakob looking a year older) , I think something looks different. Maybe its just my self esteem.

Here are the pictures:

Here is last year's banquet:

Here was last nights:

What a difference just a measly 20 pounds can make.
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