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Sleeping Beauty Fitness Tips

Posted by Heather J.

LA-based celebrity trainer Eric Fleishman claims he can transform any woman’s body in 90 days or less. Wow! His “Sleeping Beauty” program combines martial arts, yoga and Pilates. Here are a few of his rules of conduct for transforming your own physique into a lean, powerful machine.

1. Don’t use weights or machines. Use only your own body weight as resistance.

2. Avoid starches. Eat a red (berries, tomatoes), white (fish, chicken, egg-whites) and blue (water) diet. Choose water-based carbs such as fruit and veggies.

3. Hang loose from a pull up bar between exercises for a full body stretch.

4. Stay hydrated. (Remember the golden rule of eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day.)

5. Sleep = Change, so make sure to get your eight hours of “beauty sleep!”

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I think most of that advice is good. I don't agree with not using weights. I think we all have heard of the benefits women gain fromlifting at least light weights.
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