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Sleep well to lose weight

Posted by Swati S.

One way to look your best and to keep slim is to get proper rest at night. It is believed that people who get the required sleep are less likely to gain weight. I do not know why this is so. However, it is something I have also experienced myself. I work from home and there are days when I am unable to really get too much done in the day. So, I stay up late to work in the night – and the next day, I always feel myself craving for something sweet to eat, perhaps to make up for a general lack of energy in the body. However, I have really tried to cut down on this as no work is worth the weight gain and the loss of health. Right?

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Not going to sleep at the same time every night (a component to a good night's sleep) messes up your metabolism's timing. Your metabolism starts to slow down 3 to 4 hours before your body thinks you're going to go to bed, which makes late night snacking doubly bad.
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