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Skinny Ankles

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm

I've been thinking about my motivations; what is it that will keep me going this time? I know motivations can change, but I think the most important thing is to have them and to reference them often, especially when staring down a chocolate-dipped cannoli.

So here are my current motivations. Please share yours!

My kids - in my first post I explained about a scene from the Biggest Loser that really got my butt in gear.

Skinny ankles - I've always wanted ankles where you can see the bones. My ankles have been fat since I can remember, so skinny ankles would be a sure sign I was doing well!

Health - I don't want to deal with diabetes, heart disease and all the other problems that can develop with being overweight. I've dodged a bullet so far with my health, but I know if I don't do something now, it's gonna catch up with me eventually.

Baby #3 - This is my 2nd biggest motivation besides my kids. I was 200 lbs when I had my first daughter, and 225 when I had my 2nd. Both my kids were big (over 9lbs!), and I really "felt" the pregnancy. Not to mention how hard it was to find maternity clothes! I really want to be healthy before getting pregnant again.

There's my current list - motivations that are on my mind right now. I'd love to see yours!
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