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Skin w/ weight lose

Posted by Marissa M.

When you start losing weight with the intention to lose a lot...does the skin tighten it's self like once all the weight is gone, does the skin tighten as you lose weight?
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My experience after losing 180 pounds off of my 410-pound body in 2004 is that "loose skin" is indeed an issue to deal with even long after weight loss for people who need to shed a LOT of weight. It's been four years since my dramatic weight loss and I'm still looking at a big blob of skin that looks like fat. It's a little depresing sometimes, but then I remember how far I've come. My doctor said I've lost and gained so much in my life that the elasticity in my belly is gone. My inner tights are also kinda jiggly. I started weight lifting about three months ago to help firm up where I can, but the stomach is DEFINITELY gonna need surgery someday when I can afford the $12,000 surgery. But "loose skin" is a lot better than the blubbery alternative!!!
thanks i looked into it and it helped a lot. i appreciate the advice

I think it'll be fine but you'll need to make certain that you drink lots of water. Hydration is a key factor. If you'll search for "Biggest Loser" on this site there are interviews with the contestants posted and their skin tightened up.

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