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Silly girl

Posted Jun 19 2009 5:41pm
Referring to myself of course! I've been an angel all day, honest. Then I dragged myself off out for a walk to get some movement into my bones, and what did I do? I stopped in a Co-op shop and bought a KitKat and some Giant Chocolate Buttons!!! Oh, and obviously I ate them - on the way home can you believe?! The only saving grace is that although I consumed about 440 completely unecessary calories in total, I actually burned off about 400 on my walk! What a waste!

I have been doing some silly things like this on and off over the past four weeks or so - ever since I had a de-fill and lost some restriction. I don't think it's entirely down to getting hungry - because I am only hungry some of the time. I also think I'm getting 'head-hungry' more often because I'm a little sad at not having enough restriction - if that makes any sense?!!

Anyway, only a few days to go now before I go for what I truly hope will be my last fill for some time. It's on Sunday and I don't think I have been more desperate to get a fill than on this occasion. I think this will be the first time I have seen the nurse and won't be able to show any weight loss (well there might be a pound or two but it won't be any more than that). Hopefully, that alone will convince her that I need some more saline. Wish me luck.
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